Helium Tank Rental Western Canada

Helium in Vancouver,BC

At Baloon Studio, Vancouver you can rent a helium tank for 3 or 5 days. They also offer monthly rental

SizeRent for
Small (110 balloons approx.)3 days
Medium (220 balloons approx.)3 days
Large (Up to 490 balloons) Delivery Included5 days
X-Large (Up to 600 balloons) Delivery Included5 days

Discount available in a second or more Helium tanks. Applies to Large and Extra Large helium Tanks Only.

Helium in Richmond,BC

Helium Tank Rentals in Richmond. Rent a helium tank for the best price in Richmond. We only carry 99.9% pure helium allowing your balloons to stay afloat longer. Small tanks are portable and light weight. Rent a helium Tank, order by phone of directly pay online. OUR PRICES REFLECT THE BEST QUALITY OF HELIUM some others will sell low quality affecting the floating time on your balloons. Beware!

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Do not allow anyone to breathe helium from cylinders or filled balloons.
Do not open the cylinder valve before attaching a balloon regulator on the cylinder valve.
Do not allow children or any unauthorized people to handle cylinders or use balloon filling equipment.
Never use any balloon regulator, cylinder or valve fitting that is damaged, leaking or malfunctioning. Have the product repaired or replaced immediately.
Do not drop, drag, tip over or roll the helium cylinder on its side.

This is a NON FLAMABLE gas, for more information about Helium Safety click HERE


Asphyxiation Hazard
Helium is lighter than air, but high concentrations of the gas can displace oxygen and 
cause unconsciousness and death without warning. Never inhale helium from balloons.